Fixing a bug on Mozilla Thimble


  • NodeJS
  • Vagrant
  • GitBash
  • Virtual box


#1  Install brackets

1 Fork the brackets on


2 Clone to your own computer

git clone –recursive{your-username}/brackets.git

Remember to have –recursive to get all sub-module.


3 Start npm to host brackets


cd brackets

npm install

npm run build

npm start

It may take some time to finish. Once it finishes, it should show the follow message.




You should see your bracks has been installed.

If this error message shows up. You should try another computer.




#2 Install thimble

  1. Install vagrant and virtual box
  2. Fork thimble here
  3. Clone using this command

git clone{your-username}/

vagrant up



#3 Fixing bug

Here is the bug I want to fix.

The editor doesn’t remember the Allow JavaScript toggle setting. If I turn it off, when I refresh, the toggle is still on.

To do this, we can find something similar to this issue.

First of all, I play around the thimble. Beside the allow java script toggle, there is a word warp toggle. This toggle can remember the setting.

Then I search “word wrap” in github. I found the following pull which is similar with my issue.

I learned and add codes to support remembering the allow javaScript toggle backend.



Now, the back-end part has been done.


We still need to use this property when the UI is initializing on thimble.

Use inspect to get the toggle ID.

Search the ID and we finally locate bramble-menus.js

Here is the code to initializ the UI.

Finally the has been fixed. When I refresh the page, it remembers the setting.









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