Two good editors for programming

Sublime vs. Atom

Why a good editor is necessary?

  • A good editor can help to improve the efficiency.
  • It can help you fix typing mistakes.
  • it well formats your codes.


Sublime text is a cross-platform source code editor. It is free to use, and it supports most of the languages we can see now.

Open files


Change indent


Find keywords

ctrl + p to search file

ctrl + f to search keyword in this file

ctrl + shift + f to search in many files


Split views


Change formats


Zen coding pulgin



Atom is a free and open-source cross-platform text editor.

Most of the short-cut key are same with the Sublime.

Support git


More user-friendly

To customize the editor, we can easily download and install package or theme on the editor without opening another browser.



Some useful extensions for web page programming that I installed

1.Auto Close HTML package

Under normal circumstances ending tags will be inserted on the same line for inline elements and with\n\t\n in between for block elements. This is determined by attaching an element of the given type to the window and checking it’s calculated display value. You can use Force Inline and Force Block preferences to override this.

2.CSS Autocomplete package

CSS property name and value autocompletions in Atom

3.HTML Autocomplete




I will choose Atom because it is open source. Many people are working with it to make it better. Compare with Sublime, it is more user-friendly. We can very easy to install a package without opening another browser.


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